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Website Redesign

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Whether you need a website for your church, or you want to redesign and modernize the one you have, we're here to help you achieve what you want.

We will take care of everything for you, so you can focus on other important areas of your ministry. You just say what you need, and it's done.

Our pricing is reasonable, and there are many advantages for you, and your church.


Customer support by phone or email.

Accept tithes and gifts conveniently online.

Custom design, not from a template, tailored to what you need.

Your website is backed up on a regular basis.

Unlimited email addresses. These are all custom to your domain.

Your church will have a domain such as this: http://yourChurchName.org

A mobile website for your domain is available. This is a great way for users who are not sitting at a desktop pc, to get the information wherever they are.

The mobile website would have an URL such as this: http://m.yourChurchName.org

Tablet and mobile users would be automatically redirected to your mobile site.

Choose a plan that includes social media accounts, i.e. Facebook and Twitter. It's a great way for church members can interact with one another.